kswapd Oops

Timothy Ritchey tritchey at vacuumgenesis.com
Tue Jan 16 05:35:22 EST 2001

Dan Malek wrote:
> That kernel _works_.  If you can't boot that one, you better start
> looking elsewhere for problems.

That is what I figured, although I had to make some changes to get the
FEC driver to compile (net/core/dev.c refers to cpm_enet_init, but not
fec_enet_init, which seems to work if you want to use the scc ethernet I
suppose, but does not work for the fec driver).

> Are you including the software work arounds for the CPU6 silicon
> errata?


> Yeah, you have some hardware problems. <SNIP> The problems
> you see are quite typical of a memory controller configuration
> or a processor/memory board layout problem.

ARRRGGGGHHH. You can't imagine how much this pains me. Well.... perhaps
you can :) I am going to disable everything I can WRT caches, etc. and
see if it clears up.

>         I like MMUs because I don't have a real life.

How appropriate in this situation...


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