HZ value in the kernel

Myung Choi myung.choi at gtri.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 10 13:21:04 EST 2001

Dear LinuxPPC-embedded Group,

I have one question related to the value of HZ in /include/asm-ppc/param.h.
This value is set to 100 which gives 10 ms for jiffies. As long as I know,
the value, 100, is what ix86 provides, and alpha chip takes higher number
for HZ. I am wondering if this is true for PPC (expecially for MPC823 chip).
Can I change the value to, for example, 400 or 500 to get 2.5 ms or 2 ms for
jiffies? Can MPC823 take the higher than 100 for its HZ?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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