Root keys on bk:// have changed

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sun Jan 7 06:39:59 EST 2001

In message <20010106104711.D1400 at opus.bloom.county> you wrote:
> > It appears that the BitKeeper repository at bk://
> > has changed.  What happened to the previous BK tree?  Was it replaced with the
> > 2.4.0 baseline?
> The former 2_3 tree has been replaced with a new 2_4 tree which currently does
> _not_ have all of the fixes needed for PPC.

Is there some place where such decisions are discussed  or  at  least

Things like that hit my with surprise again and again (and  obviously
not only me).

A few days ago Steven Hanley <sjh at> asked for the currently
active devel tree. The question has not been answered yet.

I really would appreciate a summary about the current  state  of  the
different source trees.

Any comment from the Powers That Be?

Wolfgang Denk

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