Linux boot fails after MMU (MPC8260)

Christian.Peter at Christian.Peter at
Fri Jan 5 20:03:57 EST 2001

>> Hi
>> I try to boot linux 2.4.0test8 on a custom 8260 board.

>Where did you get the sources?  There have been some problems with
>the 8260 due to other 60x/7xx generic changes in the sources.

Kernel is from and the patches were obtained from Jon Diekma..

>For now, the only working version of Linux on the 8260 is from
>the MontaVista web site.  It is a -test2 version.  If you have
>access to the FSM Labs BitKeeper sources, I will be updating these
>for the 8260 before the end of the week.

I have no access to the BitKeeper source through our firewall


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