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Wed Jan 3 01:24:01 EST 2001

Hi Rabeeh,

I have almost the same problem when I tried to boot the Sandpoint board, the
kernel boot hung up at the function padzero() of file binfmt_elf.c. At last
the problem is the wrong memory access in the network card device driver
eepro100.c, so you may check it also.


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> Hi All,
> I have been able to boot our embedded system (7400 PowerPC and Galileo
> Technology system controller) and mounting NFS throught network.
> Now the system is trying to run the first process - init.
> It starts downloading part of init, then downloads part of and
> in the function padzero (in fs/binfmt_elf.c), where the user space is
> first accessed at all (address 0x30026328 to be exact), the
> kernel tries
> to zero the bss section.
> Due to that an exception occurs due to not valid page, then the kernel
> allocates succesfully new pte to the process (in function
> do_page_fault
> in file arch/ppc/mm/fault.c) and it is supposed to go back to function
> padzero to resume, but the weird thing is that it doesn't go back and
> stays stuck some where that I couldn't find where.
> One good thing is that the interrupt handling mechainsm is
> still working
> and the kernel still responds to pings.
> Did any one encounter such a problem ?
> and how can I debug this problem ?
> is there any functions that I can use to search the page tables ?
> Any tip would help a lot !
> Thank you,
> Rabeeh

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