gdbserver for mpc8xx targets

Mark Hatle fray at
Wed Feb 28 11:08:25 EST 2001

Christian Schroeder wrote:
> Hi all,
> did anybody successfully cross compile gdbserver for powerpc targets.
> I tried the sources for gdb-4.18 and gdb-5.0 but gdbserver didn't compile.
> Is there a special version of gdbserver for ppc targets or do I have to
> apply patches ?

There are indeed patches.  The best place I can point you at is the
MontaVista ftp site.  Grab the source package for gdb,
the patches should be in there and their should be a starting point for
you to play with.

(the FTP site also has precompiled stuff, but unless you are using our
tools, it's better for you to recompile.)


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