KERNELBASE at 0xa0000000

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Feb 27 02:04:32 EST 2001

Stefano Coluccini wrote:
> Hi,
>   anybody knows why in the MCPN765 port KERNELBASE is at 0xa0000000 instead
> of 0xc0000000 ?

Yep.  It was a quick hack to get a system with 1GByte of memory
working.  It works fine with all other memory configurations as well.

I don't see any reason anymore (once Matt Porter dumps all of the
PReP stuff :-) that we shouldn't be able to move all kernel base
addresses to 0x80000000 or to allow 3 G user spaces.  On PowerPC,
we are simply tossing away 1G of address space that should be
utilized to make our life easier.

	-- Dan

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