Still problems with embedded Linux

Bruno R. Barreyra bruno.r.barreyra at
Fri Feb 23 05:27:10 EST 2001

I'm still having problems with getting my embedded Linux system

If I use the Montavista root filesystem, init asks me for a runlevel and
then just
sits there. I've searched the mailing lists for this, and I saw two
reports, but
no replies.

So I decided to strip everything: I'm booting into a FS that uses devfs,
has libc
and ncurses, bash and busybox, using busybox as the init. I compiled
0.49 myself. Here's where it gets very interesting: booting without a
file works, as busybox has a default. So I tried using a minimal 2 line
and it wouldn't work. But if I used a one line inittab that would start
up bash,
it works. Once I'm on the shell, I can't read any text files but for
that one line
inittab. If I have a larger inittab and boot straight into bash, I can't
cat it either.

This sounds too much like libc problems. Can anybody help me?

[]'s Bruno Renato Barreyra
bruno.r.barreyra at
barreyra at

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