Embedded Linux for data acquisition and control

Srinivas Rao.M msrao at vxl.co.in
Tue Feb 20 22:30:04 EST 2001

Hello Peter, and other list members
I am having a question rather than an answer for the earlier posted

  I am also having the similar problem, as Mr Peter's . I have the
embedded system based on the FADS860T having the MPC860T Processor. On the custom board i
have a number of serial devices. The parameters of the serial devices i
want to control through the web browser. I have the Text based interface
(CLI) to control and configure these serial port parameters. The parameters
such as the baud rate, Character width, parity bit,etc., i am presently
configuring it through the Command line interface. I want to do it with
the help of the web browser on the remote machine.

I would really appreciate, if someone gives me the idea of doing this. I
have a FreeBSD4.3 compatible network stack on this custom board. My
initial idea was to port a WebServer such as Apache, onto my system.
But that looks tedious job, as the source code itself is very big. I am
looking for the open source Webserver for the embedded devices. Can any
one suggest me any alternative approach to my task.


On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Peter Uttley wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Hope someone can give me a bit of advice on the best way to tackle a
> university project I'm working on.
> OK, I've currently ported Linux to my embedded MPC-850 board, many thanks to
> the help of Frank Przybylski with his BDM4GDB and the invaluable advice from
> Wolfgang Denx, thanks Guys!
> Now what I want to do with the board is use it for data acquisition and
> control of peripheral systems via a web interface.
> I'm currently building my peripheral hardware which then simply dumps the
> data down the serial port to the MPC-850.
> I would really appreciate some advice on the best why to handle the data
> coming in on the serial port and get it into the webserver.
> My initial thoughts are,
> I write a bit of software which monitors the serial port and has its own
> little protocols with my peripheral hardware, the data is then written into
> a file which is read by my web server (I'm using GoAhead-Thanks for the
> pointer Frank) which has a active server page to display the information.
> However this seems a bit of a hack way of doing it, and could cause problems
> when I'm trying to send data to my device to electronically open an door for
> instance.
> Is it possible therefore to directly receive and transmit data from my web
> server to the serial port, I know you can write any C code in ASP or CGI
> scripts but I need to have some sort of control, monitoring, waiting for
> data e.t.c. which seem best handled by some sort of daemon or device driver.
> Hope that makes sense and that someone can give me a few clues as to which
> direction I should take, the project time schedules quite tight so I don't
> want to be heading down too much of a blind alley.
> Thanks for you time,
> Regards,
> Pete.


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