MVME5100: kernel hangs in dcache_init

Matt Porter mporter at
Sat Feb 17 03:00:16 EST 2001

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 04:37:42PM +0100, Stefano Coluccini wrote:
> >
> > Did you make sure it's getting the correct memory size?
> I think the problem is not there because the printks before the hang shows
> the correct value (I have inserted the printouts of my boot process at the
> bottom of the message)
> >  Assuming you're
> > trying to port into the existing prep_* framework, it does use residual
> > data to determine memory size.  That used to be reasonable but the
> > newer MCG boards are not providing any useful information in
> > residual data, I'd imagine this is also the case with the 5100.  That's
> > why the new MCG ports in the development tree no longer rely on residual
> > data.
> Yes, I'm working on prep_* framework, but the residual seems significant and
> correct (to my un-expert eyes :-)

Ok, well, it was just a guess.  To be honest, I'd throw my Abatron on
there at this point.  The alternative is a liberal sprinkling of
printk's and/or kgdb unless somebody else has a strong clue as to the
source of the problem.

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