Wait queue question

Ralph Blach rcblach at raleigh.ibm.com
Fri Feb 16 00:59:06 EST 2001


Ok, but were is an example of how to use a wait_event macro.  I dont see
it in any of the documentation.

Roland Dreier wrote:
>     Ralph> If I have a wait queue thats I am using to wake up a device
>     Ralph> driver read from an interrupt service routine.  If I get
>     Ralph> three interrupt and three wake_up_interrables, will I need
>     Ralph> to execute three sleep_ons to get the wait queue back to
>     Ralph> the null state, or is it just back after the first
>     Ralph> sleep_on?
> You really don't want to use sleep_on() any more (Linux wants to
> remove it out for 2.5).  Take a look at
> <http://lwn.net/2001/0201/a/sleep-fix.php3>
> for a safer way to sleep, or use the wait_event macro (in
> linux/sched.h).
> Roland
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