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>Hope this is the right list to mail to.

Yep, it is.

>I have a motorola board with XPC860 processor.

What sort of Motorola board?

>I apologise if this is already present in the archives/FAQ but I couldn't
>find any reference to this particular processor.
>Could anyone point me to an appropriate resource where I can find details on
>getting Linux running on this board.

We need a little more information on the type of board to be helpful.

>On a slightly different note, is this processor the same as the MPC860?

Yep, Sure is.

>I thank you for your time.

         If we know what you have and what yourr trying to do with your
board we can point you to more specific information. We need  more information.

Here are a few useful links for you to start with.

Good luck
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