Wait queue question

Ron Bianco ronb at junction.net
Thu Feb 15 05:34:04 EST 2001

Hi Ralph, perhaps you could not attach your .vcf files anymore?

If your driver implements non-blocking read() and write() functions, then you don't
have to sleep.
Else others have commented on the alternative to sleep_on().

For non-blocking:
Just use poll_wait() in your poll() function and wakeup_interruptible when there data
available on your Qs.
Then user program's select() and poll() system calls will work properly.


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> If I have a wait queue thats I am using to wake up a device driver read
> from an interrupt service routine.
> If I get three interrupt and three wake_up_interrables, will I need to
> execute three sleep_ons to get the wait queue back to the null state, or
> is it just back after the first sleep_on?
> Chip

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