Porting framework ?

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Wed Feb 14 21:08:58 EST 2001


As I  just fairly successfully have ported the a Linux
kernel (2.2.17) to a PPC board, I would like to make
some suggestions:

1. What about putting our "clever" heads together
and creating a framework for porting Linux to
a PPC board.
  - Splitting up the  code for the Mac:s to make it work wo.
   Open Firmware, or creating a stub's file for usage in
   the embedded ports. Now it is fairly difficult to use ie.
   the PCI-code in 2.4.x wo. the OF stuff, at least it needs
   some duplicated work.

2. Then documenting this fairly well.... Some kind of
  PPC porting guide ?
3. Making an effort in commenting the code we have already done.
4. Doing a centralized administration for this and getting
  it into Linus's main branch.

Is this going on already or should we do something about
it ?.


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