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Tue Feb 13 00:52:25 EST 2001

Dear Sébastien,

in message <20010212083954.A768 at> you wrote:
> > Oops? Why do you think this makes debugging more complicated? I don't
> > care where something is mapped, it's  the  job  of  the  debugger  to
> > resolve those addresses, isn't it?
> Yes, the debugger should do it but ours don't.  Also, I haven't found a way

Then convert it into a doorstop, and get a real debugger.

I strongly recommend the BDI2000  by  Abatron  (see
Send me a message when you want a quote for it.

> to tell it to load the kernel image at address 0 even if the linking was
> done for address 0xc0000000.  So I have to load the kernel with another

You can't specify any load offsets? Oh dear. Get a real debugger!

> > Are you really trying to run in little-endian mode? Really???
> > You are not supposed to do that.
> Yes, really!  I don't see why I shouldn't do that.  The kernel itself seems
> to be running fine (no panic, it goes to the scheduler).  My only problem
> right now is to load executables and I'm not sure it's endian related.

Be assured that this will not remain the only problem. From all I know,
the PowerPC version of Linux is a big-endian kernel by design.

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