ATM driver for 8260

Dave Pegler dwp at
Wed Feb 7 04:32:36 EST 2001


   I've been working on a driver for the MPC860SAR (855T / 857 /
862SAR). It supports AAL0, AAL5, CBR and UBR and is integrated into
linux ATM version 0.59 (so you get Q.2931, RFC1577, ILMI etc). I use
a FADS 860 with a SAR-PHY daughter card (STM-1/STS-3c, E1/T1 and
ATM25) as the development platform.

Unfortunately its not finished yet and has quite a low throughput. I've not
worked on it for about 3 months but hope to do so in the next few weeks.


Mark Clayton writes:
 > Is anyone aware of a linux driver for the ADS8260.  Or any 8260?
 > Thanks,
 > Mark

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