SCC2 as console on 8260

Murray Jensen Murray.Jensen at
Tue Feb 6 16:28:42 EST 2001

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:22:55 -0500, Dan Malek <dan at> writes:
>Konstantin Sabodash wrote:
>> I set  in "arch/ppc/8260_io/uart.c"
>> Is it enough to to make SCC2 main console?
>No. The current 8260 uart.c driver is in pretty bad shape.  I started
>making some changes to support exactly what you are asking for, but
>didn't yet finish.
>	-- Dan

Maybe this will help. Here are the changes I had to make to the 8260 uart.c
driver for our custom board (Hymod). As well as console working properly on
the SCC port (I use SCC1, but should work on SCC2), I have added support for
KGDB on any serial port (I use KGDB on SCC2). Everything appears to be
running well. The code is still a mess (I tried to keep the changes to a
minimum), but it works for SCC now (at least for me :-). Cheers!

PS: I figured I'd post the diffs here because they were only 8K compressed.
    Is this too big for this list?
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