Kernel 2.4.x??

Kári Davíðsson kd at
Sat Feb 3 03:33:43 EST 2001


I am testing the Linux 2.4.1pre12 kernel from fsmlabs (3 day old
Everything seem to be working fine. Actually the migration from 2.2.13
to 2.4.x
was much simpler than I antisipated. There are though some strangeness
in the serial port.

I am not shure if I should blame it on the busybox shell, the kernel or

A telnet session works fine. All commands I type get across the wire and
are interpreted correctly.
But when entering commands on the serial port terminal the shell does
not seem to get the full commands,
e.g. if I type "ls -l" it might respond
"l no such command"

I have not seen any reports about strange behaviour of the serialport
anywhere (here, busybox list) so it might just be mis configuration of
the board (although I have not found any).

So any ideas?


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