linux 2.4.x, PPC and openPIC interrupt priorities

Cort Dougan cort at
Thu Feb 1 13:28:38 EST 2001

} Thanks a lot Cort, that's a big help.
} We're wondering if rtlinux-3.0-pre10 patches can also be applied to your latest
} bitkeeper 2.4.1-preX  linux.
} It is mentioned that the patches are to be applied to linux-2.4.0-test1.

You may want to just grab the tar file for the kernel source there.  It's
pre-patched for all architectures.  In fact, the most recent PPC trees need
no patches.  The RTLinux code itself that is there (3.0-pre10) doesn't work
with 2.4.1-preX but we do have a copy that does work.  That'll be in our final
3.0 release (hopefully later this week if our testing goes well).

} It sure is unfortunate, to my mind, that regular linux handles interrupts that
} 'enable all/disable all', way.
} But I understand the predicament of dealing with tons of different PICs.   Must drive
} driver writers nuts. :-)
} Might actually make writing linux drivers for some hardware, impossible.

You can disable/enable interrupts individually but you can't adjust
priorities.  Linux doesn't depend on priorities, either.  Perhaps I wasn't
clear about that.

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