eth0: transmit timed out

David Ashley dash at
Fri Dec 28 14:09:47 EST 2001

>It seems that the kernel cannot send on ethernet.
>(transmit timed out).
>What can be the source of such a problem ?
>C. Leroy
>eth0: CPM ENET Version 0.2 on SCC1, 08:00:3e:01:00:17

I was getting similiar messages on the fcc_enet.c driver from hhl 2.4.2
after I turned on bridge support (2 ethernet ports in the box) and
didn't have anything plugged into the other adapter. The solutions then
were to
1) Ignore the errors
2) Modify the driver so it doesn't make so much noise
3) Plug something into the port.

I don't know whether this applies to your situation though. BTW I
opted for #2.


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