Kernel BOOT (kernel 2.4.16)

LEROY Christophe christophe.leroy at
Sun Dec 23 06:59:46 EST 2001

Dan Malek <dan at> wrote:
>LEROY Christophe wrote:
>> Can someone help me ?
>> io_block_mapping(IMAP_ADDR,...) fails because mem_pieces_find() can find

>> any piece.
>What code are you looking at?	The io_block_mapping is simply going to
>force a map_page() operation and update the PTE tables.  How do you see
>mem_pieces_find() involved in this path?

map_page() calls pte_alloc()
pte_alloc() calls pte_alloc_one()
pte_alloc_one() calls early_get_page()
early_get_page() calls mem_pieces_find()
I'm sure that it come here because when I add a call to m8xx_restart() just
before the panic() call in mem_pieces_find(), the board restarts.



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