autoboot with initial RAM disk

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Not sure if this what you want --

Create a multi-image using the ppcboot utility mkimage using command like

mkimage -n "Linux Kernel And Ramdisk" -A ppc -O linux  -T multi -C gzip \
-a 0x00000000  -e 0x00000000 -d
./arch/ppc/coffboot/vmlinux.gz:ramdisk.image.gz linux-image

This will create a file linux-image that has linux kernel and ramdisk that
can load.

Now in your ppcboot you set bootcommand as,

setenv bootcmd tftpboot 900000 /tftpboot/linux-image \; bootm 900000

Now the autoboot will load the linux-image from your tftpserver.


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Hi, all

I am using ppcboot to start my 8260 based card. At the moment, we load Linux
kernel via tftp and then start it. Linux kernel maps its root file system
over the network. This works fine qith ppcboot autoboot feature.

Now, we want to put initial RAM disk into RAM as well as compressed kernel.
Do do that, both images have to be copied into card's memory using tftp and
them bootm command will be used with two arguments to start kernel.

To continue to use ppcboot autoboot feature we have to pass two commands as
boot command (to tftp two kernels) and then issue bootm command with two
arguments. Is there any way of doing it without altering the ppcboot source

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