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Dear Jacob,

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> Why is it not possibly to increase INIT_TASK_SIZE in schred.c and there by increase the kernel stack size?

In schred.c? Do you mean include/linux/sched.h instead by any chance?
Because that's the only place where INIT_TASK_SIZE is actually used.

Why do you think you can't increase it?

> Im running a heavy loaded RTLinux subsystem and the hole system (2.4.4 from Denx) go's down when I start a big program in Linux user-space.

Um... you don;t want run RTL on a 8xx system; there are a  couple  of
bugs  which  have never been fixed - and we (DENX) will not spend any
further efforts on RTL.

Use RTAI instead, which will continue to  be  supported  on  8xx  and
other PPC systems.

Wolfgang Denk

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