allocating non-cacheable memory

Sangmoon Kim dogoil at
Thu Dec 20 15:57:23 EST 2001

Setting up a BAT by some asembler code is good.
Or you can use io_block_mapping.
For example
io_block_mapping(0x78000000, 0x78000000, 0x08000000, _PAGE_IO);
It maps phisical address 0x78000000 ~ 0x7FFFFFFF to effective address  0x78000000 ~ 0x7FFFFFFF, No cache.
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Subject: allocating non-cacheable memory

> What is the best way to allocate some non-cacheable memory for I/O use?
> Right now we are going to setup a BAT table with a non-cacheable memory
> region and use that for all I/O, but does linux have a nice neat
> function to grab a page and set it up non-cacheable for us?
> I was reading in the archives that the #define PAGE_NOCACHE doesn't
> work.
> thanks!
> Kevin

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