MVME 5100 flash programming

Paul Nicholson paul at
Thu Dec 20 08:56:07 EST 2001

I don't know what a 5100 is or how the FLASH chip select is generated. Embedded chip select logic usually has a write enable bit. I would suggest that you verify that you can generate a chip select for a write operation.


At 12:35 PM -0800 12/19/01, Rick Hunnicutt wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have a 5100 running the 2.4.2 kernel and want to use the onboard flash.
>With PPC_Bug, we are able to program the 16M area with a kernel and RAM disk
>image and boot. At the very least, I'd like to use some of the remaining
>flash area as a read/write area for configuration data. Ideally, I'd like
>the whole flash area to be a JFFS file system using MTD and the CFI
>Problem is, I am unable to get the flash to respond to any type of query.
>The MTD code fails to get a response to the CFI query. Other code that tries
>to perform a simple query of the chips Manufacture ID fails as well. I can
>read the data in the flash that was written by pflash but can't seem to get
>writes to occur.
>Anyone using the flash on a 5100 at all? Any ideas, code samples, help at
>all would be appreciated!

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