ATM driver for 8260 (linux 2.4.x)

James Campbell jcampbell at
Tue Dec 18 03:52:02 EST 2001


I'll change it so you can have either the 8260 or the 860 using one
driver, the changes really are not that dramatic.

As far as AAL1 is concerned, the product we are making is very sensitive
to bad data, so QoS is very important to us.  AAL1 at this time is sort
of kludgy, but it works, most of the time. =]  We are using an offshoot
of tornado codes in forward error correcting to just hose a pipe, which
works real well with atm.  Its a patch off ATM 0.78, if anyone is


James Campbell

On Mon, 2001-12-17 at 08:42, Alex Zeffertt wrote:
> Bloody hell, that was quick.
> Did you make a lot of changes?  If the answer is no, then maybe you could make it a configuration
> option in arch/ppc/atm/  If you can do this in a way that doesn't effect the code when the
> user chooses 860 (as opposed to 8260), I'll put it up on sourceforge CVS.
> Alex
> PS What do you mean when you say it supports AAL1?  I thought that linux currently only supported
> AAL0 and AAL5.

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