root=/dev/nfs on sbc8260

Andrew Dixon andrew.dixon at
Fri Dec 14 02:41:40 EST 2001

Here is something very strange.  In PPCBoot I set the ethernet address
to 00:a0:1e:90:15:55.

=> printenv

And PPCBoot uses bootp to get lots of good information about who the
board is.

Now, as I watch Linux try to come up I see the following:

eth0: FCC ENET Version 0.2, 00:a0:1e:d0:15:55
fec: Phy @ 0x1, type 0x000fd04b

Notice that the ethernet address has changed.  Very odd.  I assume that
this info should be passed from PPCBoot to Linux via the board info data
structure bd_t.

Has anyone else seen this before?


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