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Andrew Dixon andrew.dixon at seranoa.com
Fri Dec 14 02:36:48 EST 2001

Sorry, I ment to send this to the list.

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Subject: Re: root=/dev/nfs on sbc8260
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:32:45 -0500
From: Andrew Dixon <andrew.dixon at seranoa.com>
Organization: Seranoa Networks
To: Dan Malek <dan at embeddededge.com>
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Dan Malek wrote:
> Andrew Dixon wrote:
> > Any insight that people could give would be greatly appreciated.
> It's either the FCC or the server.  Since you have the FCC working in PPCBoot

Yes PPCBoot works like a charm.


You could also use your favorite network sniffer to see what traffic,
> if any, went along the network.

OK.  I used tcpdump to listen for traffic that this board generates and
I don't see anything once Linux starts up.  Here's what the output looks

rowling:/home/dixon# tcpdump -i eth0 ether src 00a01e901555
10:29:53.882149 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.882570 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.882981 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.883393 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.883833 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.884245 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.884688 >  udp 4 (DF)
10:29:53.885099 >  udp 4 (DF)

Then Linux starts and I get nothing.  Very odd.

Any ideas?


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