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I load the tinylogin and compile it (wow it works without any modification expect the path for corss compile), I could still login! But when I try passwd and enter for example root I get the error message to short. It didn't ask me for any old or new password, only it is to shoort. Also if I do telnet, it won't ask for any password only login I enter root, thats it! So what do I need?

jffs2: I didn't make tests with heavy load, I only copy some files to the disk and start it there. This I will do in January.


>>> Goddeeris Frederic <Frederic.Goddeeris at> 12/13/01 11:07 AM >>>
 My experience is that you need to include a lot of things for the login.
I used TinyLogin. This will provide everything you need (I also used
In /etc/inittab I added
	ttyS0::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 9600 vt100
/sbin/getty points to TinyLogin
getty -> ../bin/tinylogin

You have good experience with JFFS2? What version do you use?


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We use HHL1.2 filesystem for a MPC860. Meanwhile everthing works fine
:-) (serial port, jffs2 and so on). I've made a initrd to boot the
system and mount 4MB Flash where the project related data and programs
will be copied. So we could use for nearly every project the same image,
and store the data afterwards via ftp. O.K. but we want to use a
password to login, and I didn't find any hint to do that! So if you have
any ideas...
Thanks in advance

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