ppc405_enet problems

Armin Kuster Darth_vapor at mvista.com
Wed Dec 12 05:11:28 EST 2001

Felix Radensky wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, David and Armin for your help. I've tried the methods you suggested
> but none of them worked. The real problem in my case was the MAX_NUM_PHYS
> constant. I've noticed that after the first for loop in find_phy routine, the
> value of
> i is MAX_NUM_PHYS. So I've tried to increase the value of this constant, and
> my
> phy was (almost) discovered properly after the 5th iteration. I say almost,
> because
> I also had to change the value of phy id from 0x20005c23 to 0x20005c20 (the
> value
> reported by find_phy. Armin, can you please explain how this number was
> determined.


I took the easy route, its just phyid1 & phyid2.  The "A" version was
submitted by some one else and it might be possible to combine them into
one DP83843 stuct by using a shift factor of 8 ( 2nd eliment in the
phy_info struct" the diff between 0x20005c23 &  0x20005c20 is the model
revision number.

Maybe MAX_NUM_PHYS needs to be renamed to MAX_PHY_ADDR to be more clear.

-- armin

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