Linux not outputting to serial console on sbc8260

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Dec 8 10:02:49 EST 2001

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> I'm trying to get Linux up on an sbc8260.  I'm working with Linux-2.4.16
> and PPCBoot-1.1.0.  I'm booting from the flash simm on the sbc8260 and
> I'm using the 33mhz oscillator.

Check the definition of the bd_info structure in the est8260.h  Linux
kernel header file; it must match the definition defined and exported
by PPCBoot.

You can simply replace the whole file by this:

----- cut here -----
 * Board information for the EST8260.

#define IMAP_ADDR ((uint)0xf0000000)

#include <asm/ppcboot.h>
----- cut here -----

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