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Goddeeris Frederic Frederic.Goddeeris at
Fri Dec 7 23:05:54 EST 2001

When I use -O, I still have the same problems.

Without optimization, insmod complains that in_8 and out_8 are unresolved. I
removed the code that needs this, so that it could load. But unfortunately,
the same problem. :-<<


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Hi Goddeeris,

> I use the gcc and gdb from the MontaVista CDK 2.0 for
> PPC_8xx. I compiled
> the module with "-O2 -g" options.

Have you tried to compile with "-O -g" options instead of "-O2 -g"?
I'd guess optimization 'confuses' gdb symbols. Maybe have a try even
without -O,
 as I only know for sure that the kernel needs an optimization step to
get some things
properly setup.


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