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Goddeeris Frederic Frederic.Goddeeris at
Thu Dec 6 23:10:02 EST 2001


I am loading a kernel module (insmod) on the target and get the following
Sections:       Size      Address   Align
.this           00000060  c4843000  2**2
.text           00000470  c4843060  2**2
.rodata         00000244  c48434d0  2**2
.data           00000058  c4843714  2**2
.sdata          00000014  c484376c  2**2
.vtop_fixup     00000004  c4843780  2**1
.kstrtab        0000008f  c4843784  2**0
.bss            00000014  c4843814  2**2
.plt            00000040  c4843830  2**4
__ksymtab       00000058  c4843870  2**2
c484376c d .sdata
c4843774 D f_PWMCounter

In GDB I load the symbol-table:
(gdb) add-symbol-file TestDrv.o -T.text 0xc4843060 -T.sdata 0xc484376c 0xc4843714
add symbol table from file "TestDrv.o" at
	.text_addr = 0xc4843060
	.sdata_addr = 0xc484376c
	.data_addr = 0xc4843714

I am able to set breakpoints and step in the code, but gdb does think the
variable f_PWMCounter is at 0xc4843068 (this is .text+8) while it is at
0xc4843774 (this is .sdata+8) ....

(When I ask to show *((char*)0x0xc4843774), I get the correct value, so MMU
translation is working...)

When ask for an objdump of the file I see:
00000008 g     O .sdata 00000001 f_PWMCounter

So I am wondering why gdb does not see this variable is in the .sdata

I use the gcc and gdb from the MontaVista CDK 2.0 for PPC_8xx. I compiled
the module with "-O2 -g" options.


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