Kernel oops while routing

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Wednesday, December 05, 2001, 3:01:28 PM, you wrote:

JDB> IMHO, I could suggest an easier patch, that would result in modifying only
JDB> one line of code, without changing the 'tx_full' logic. In function
JDB> fcc_enet_start_xmit, instead of checking the ready bit (which is bad), we
JDB> could only check if cur_tx has reached dirty_tx, and then call
JDB> netif_stop_queue. Does it make sense?

Make sense to me. I'll try it out.

JDB> BTW, I worked hard last week in debugging the fcc_enet driver. It was not
JDB> handling correctly some transmission errors, resulting in the transmitter
JDB> completely stopping, without restarting. This is related to an errata
JDB> (CPM37) from Motorola about the 8260, concerning the way of restarting the
JDB> transmitter. If someone is interested, I can release a patch for that.

I'm interested!

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