Kernel oops while routing

Jean-Denis Boyer jdboyer at
Thu Dec 6 05:38:42 EST 2001

>     NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out
> Could this be related to a problem we've been seeing on the 860T,

I don't think so, the driver on the 860T is really stable under heavy
traffic and transmission errors. I was not able to kill it. The FEC itself
is relatively simple to manage, compared to the complex FCC on the 8260.

Your problem seems to be related to a bug I've found in the past, in the
ethernet driver. It appeared when filling the transmit ring buffer. It was
easy to reproduce when connected to a 10baseT. On a 100baseT, I should use
the packet sockets :-E. The fix has been incorporated in version 2.4.11. The
tx_full flag was not set to 1.

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