programming ppcboot onto an sbc8260 with a vision ice

Andrew Dixon andrew.dixon at
Wed Dec 5 01:49:37 EST 2001

Jerry Van Baren wrote:
> Your PPCBoot image is linked at 0x40000000 and your convert defaults are
> converting from 0xfe000000..0xfe020000 (this is where EST puts the boot
> memory unless you've changed the HRCW to ORG it at 0x00000000 -- glossing
> over quite a few details here).  Anyway, there ain't no data in that range,
> which is exactly what the error message is telling you.
> The EST convert utility doesn't allow you to relocate the code, only to set
> the lower and upper boundaries of the conversion.  You can use an elf tool
> (objcopy) to re-org the code or change your link mechanism to re-org your
> code.  You can also leave it at 0x40000000 and change your visionICE setup
> to map the ROM into that memory area (hmm, isn't that the secondary
> flash?  Maybe you just need to program it and switch your CS0/CS6 jumper).

Yes that is the start of Flash.  For our final product we want our
bootloader to live in Flash but I'm rethinking that for the EST board.
>From what I've read on the list is sounds like PPCBoot wants to live in
ROM on the sbc8260 right?

Is the above documented anywhere?  I don't feel the need to reinvent the
wheel for this board and I'd rather start off the right way.

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