MVME5100 disk boot

Lorenzo Pivetta lorenzo.pivetta at
Thu Aug 30 17:36:44 EST 2001


I'm running linuxppc_2_4_devel (kernel 2.4.7) on a MVME5100.
Everithing works quite fine (network boot, flash boot etc) but
to boot from disk I *have* to use the complete pboot command,
(i.e. "pboot 10 0 1" on my system), and this works.
I tried to store the default boot paths either in the environment

Auto Boot Controller LUN   = 00?
Auto Boot Device LUN       = 00?
Auto Boot Partition Number = 00? 1

or with the "iot" command. Running "pboot;v" to simulate the
AutoBoot feature wont work, trying to boot from CLUN =00, DLUN =00
instead of CLUN =10, DLUN =00. It seems not to store the desired
boot LUNS (am I missing some steps?).
Any suggestions?

Thanks, Lorenzo.

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