trying to boot linux on a MVME5100

Matt Porter mporter at
Thu Aug 30 01:56:26 EST 2001

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 04:50:02PM +0200, Xavier Grave wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just received a new MVME5100 board and I'm trying to boot it under
> linux.
> I have downloaded the linuxppc_2_4_devel tree from the bitkeeper
> repository.
> I have compiled a kernel from the mvme5100_defconfig with a few
> modifications.
> I'm trying to boot it with nbo under ppc bug.
> Nothing occurs...
> the nping command function. And I usually do the same with a 2303 board
> without problem.

Network commands in PPCBUG won't function until you set the time (i.e.
start the RTC) on a virgin board.  Use PPCBUG's 'SET' command to
accomplish this.  This is described on page 3-213 (pdf page 289) of
the PPCBUG User's Manual at

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