how to dump other regs via abatron-bdi / gdb ?

Mark Pilon mark.pilon at
Tue Aug 28 07:18:29 EST 2001

I'm accustomed to printing general purpose registers: print $r0
and the like --

bringing up a board (before establishing an exception vector table)
I'm getting some unknown exception -- how do I print the ESR (and
other SPRs for that matter ) ??

I'm using montavista ppc_4xx-gdb -- GNU gdb 5.0 and abatron bdi/gdb:
BDI Type : BDI2000 (SN: 93170608)
Loader   : V1.04
Firmware : V1.05 bdiGDB for PPC400
Logic    : V1.01 PPC400

I suspect the problem is an incomplete bdi board config file,
but it'd help to be able to figure out what's missing ...


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