Driver question

Elan Feingold elan at
Tue Aug 28 04:25:58 EST 2001

> > One of them lives at 0x84000800 (above 2Gb!).
> That's a physical address, right?


> Ummm... you must have been doing something wrong.

Yep, I wasn't page aligning the 0x8400800 8-)  That did it.

> You can use mmap(), but of course  you  need  a  device  driver  that
> provides such a mmap() interface.

It didn't sound like Kenneth was using a device driver (is that correct,
Kenneth?).  Is the driver used to provide additional features (like making
sure the memory is not cached, etc.)?

I'm confused 8-)  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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