Linux 2.4.4 on 860 custom board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Aug 25 06:59:41 EST 2001

In message <NDBBLJKOJGKDOFBHNPGEMEIICEAA.elan at> you wrote:
> I'd have no problem.  The IMMR is at the right place (0xff000000), and in
> general the kernel boots up fine, but it dies with a "kernel access of bad
> area" where the actual address is question is usually strange (e.g.


> I'd usually think it was a memory timing setup problem, right?  But VxWorks

Maybe, but I don't think so here.

> runs fine, and has for years on the board.

For years? Which mask revision is your CPU, then? Did you enable  the
CPU6  bug  workaround  in  the kernel configuration for a try, and/or
disabled the data cache?

> Any ideas?  Is it possible that VxWorks just has less strict timing
> requirements to run?

Probably it does not use the MMU as much.

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