status of linuxppc_2_4_devel for ppc405gp

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Fri Aug 24 20:28:31 EST 2001

Some more progress (well, no much luck actually)

After discussing with Paulus,

I've removed the special case for flush_icache_page() in pgtable.h
for 4xx, and moved the flush to set_pte. The PG_arch_1 bit is used
to determine if a page is cache clean or not, so we use it.

We should even be able to not flush all the cache here but only
the possible "synonyms" as we know the real address.

It still doesn't work :(

When I try to boot a MV "Journeyman" distro, it dies in, with
the error

BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER rtld.c: 614: dl_main: Assertion
'dl_rtld_map.l_libname' failed!

I still have to look in the source what it means exactly,
but something is definitely wrong here.

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