status of linuxppc_2_4_devel for ppc405gp

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Aug 23 02:10:12 EST 2001

Kenneth Johansson wrote:

> Well I was waiting on Dan making some kind of statement that his merge was
> ready. Are you saying that he got in enough to actually run the kernel on a
> 405 ?

Almost all of the kernel proper is structurally sound.  I needed to
get the files there so others could also start making their updates.
I'm sure I missed a few little details, so when you see something
let me know.  Some of the patches I have are nearly six months old
and don't apply as well as they should :-).......then I wandered
into bootloader land where nothing works for the 4xx right now.  If
you don't need a 'treeboot' loader, or can stuff an image with a
JTAG debugger, you can get the kernel to boot.

	-- Dan

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