status of linuxppc_2_4_devel for ppc405gp

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benjamin.herrenschmidt at
Wed Aug 22 23:41:55 EST 2001

>Our system crashes in the function "ppc4xx_gdb_init()" in file
>"ppc4xx_setup.c". Without this call bootup look much better ;-). Any
>comments on this?

The function dereferences the regs of the init.task which no longer
exist. (And was previously not properly initialized anyway).

>I noticed that the ppc405_enet driver is not compiled and not started
>(Makefile and Space.c in drivers/net). Is there a patch missing?

Probably. In my tree, I changed it to use the initcalls.

>Is anybody running this linuxppc_2_4_devel on a walnut board or custom
>ppc405 board? What is the "official status" of the ppc405 support in this
>linux tree?

I have the kernel booting with a custom board but userland doesn't work,
I'm still tracking this.


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