BDI2000 vs RiskWatch

Wright, David dwright at
Wed Aug 22 03:44:18 EST 2001

IBM only supplies programs to run the RISCWatch on Windows,
RS/6000, and Sun (no Linux).  As an alternative to buying a
separate box, you can also run the Windows version of the
software under VMware on Linux.  You still have the "access
to sources" problem, though.

  -- David Wright, InfiniSwitch Corp.

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> Felix Radensky wrote:
> > Can someone please explain what BDI2000 can do that
> > RiskWatch cannot.
> To me, the main thing is that it integrates well with a Linux
> development box.  I use my normal debug tools (ddd/gdb) and
> the BDI2000
> acts like a gdbserver for the kernel.  For things such as
> FLASHing code into the target, you just telnet into the BDI2000.
> Bottom line: If you are developing on Windows, the RiscWatch
> is probably
> what you want.  If you are developing on Linux (which I hope is the
> case), you want a BDI2000.  Otherwise, you're going to need a Windows
> box for RiscWatch to run on and then you'll have to set up
> Samba or some
> other mechanism for the Windows box/RiscWatch to see your
> sources, etc.

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