Using IDMA1 ( or IDMA2 ) on 860

John Francis johnfrancsis at
Mon Aug 20 05:06:24 EST 2001


On my board I am using SCC1 and SCC2 for 10 Mbps

I am also using SMC1 and SMC2 for some 9600 baud
serial connection.

I am also planning on using IDMA1 for some DMA. My
chip is a 860P are there any problems with Parameter
ram conflict?

All SCC1, SCC2, SMC1 and SMC2 work fine. But my IDMA1
CPM interrupt handler never gets invoked, on hardware
side I do see the DREQ line going low and I have
verified that RCCR register for CPM is set correctly
to level trigger the interrupt.

Any ideas on why IDMA1 interrupt handler is not
getting invoked?



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