init fails w/ new build of gcc & glibc

Dr. Craig Hollabaugh craig at
Sat Aug 18 08:07:45 EST 2001

At 02:47 PM 8/17/2001 -0600, Mark Pilon wrote:
>running w/ the hhl 1.2 libraries the whole system runs fine;
>supplying all of the libraries built under the new glibc causes the
>following when init is spawned:

Did you set the prefix to / on the glibc configure line then do a make


you can do this or...

in your new root filesystem something like this in your /usr/powerpc-linux/lib

ln -s ../../lib lib

the glibs have absolute path info in them, so either reconfigure and recompile for
your rootfs using prefix=/ (make sure you use install_root when you make install) or
make a link.

Hope this helps.

ps. I'm going down this very road, let's talk.

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