Logging into embedded 8xx device from Windows with Samba

Cindy Peters cinpet at adaptivemicro.com
Sat Aug 18 06:32:23 EST 2001

I have "almost" successfully gotten samba running on my embedded MPC823
device. I am running samba 2.2.1a. I had to cross compile it on my x86 host
for the powerpc. I have the embedded device setup as the samba server and am
able to see it in Network Neighborhood on my Windows PC. However, when I
attempt to login it gives me an invalid password error. The log file says
that it cannot find my username (cinpet).

I am not using encrypted passwords. I have the Windows PC setup correctly
for plain text passwords. I have two to other Linux x86 PCs setup with samba
and they work fine.

My username is in the passwd, hosts, lmhosts files.

I am able to ping in both directions. I am able to run 'smbclient -L cinpet'
and see my Windows shares. I am able to login to the device through telnet
with my username.

I have run out of things that I know to try. What am I missing?


Cindy Peters
Adaptive Micro-ware

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