cross compiling 8xx glibc on x86

Michael Habermann MHabermann at
Thu Aug 16 19:51:19 EST 2001

At 08:35 PM 8/15/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I've spend two days scouring the postings here and read much as I can find
>on cross compiling
>glibc with no fpu options. I've read all kinds of things, compiled for
>hours, but nothing.  I've been somewhat unsuccessful,  I'm close to giving
>up but that's why I'm writing.

It took me two weeks until I gave up. This glibc is the trickiest part. I
wish Wolfgang would write one - oh, a subset is already in PPCBoot. :)

>I can compile glibc-2.2.3 (no mention of no fpu on configure) but bash segment
>faults (actually init respawns to fast). I can get bash running if I use
>the montavista compiled glibc* from their rpm. So I know that my
>kernel/filesystem works etc. But still I want to compile glibc for 8xx myself.

A statically linked bash should work, even with the cacheline bug.

>I get this error (I'm not the first one with this error,

Yes it looks very much like the same. I asked again some time later. Here
is the reply that probably helps you:

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