Weird flash problem with saveenv

Navin Boppuri navin.boppuri at
Thu Aug 16 07:18:23 EST 2001


I have AM29LV640DU (128 uniform sectors 32kwords each) chips on my
custom board. I have been able to do "saveenv" on all but one of my
boards. I notice that the erase is not performed correctly and
therefore, the following write fails. Well, I initially thought it was a
bad hardware issue, but I have no problem when I use the BDI to program
the same exact environment sectors (I am using 2 of them). BDI erases
and writes to these sectors without any issues. The erase and write
fails only in PPCBOOT. And before I get queries from someone, I am darn
sure that I am using the same exact ppcboot image on each of my boards.
So, I am in a fix since I cannot saveenv to the flash and I cannot blame
the hardware. And this happens only on ONE board.

Any ideas?????

Thank you,

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